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Occupational Therapist

(full- or parttime)

The outpatient department „Ergotherapiepraxis Eisenhut“ is looking for a new team member

Occupational Therapist
(full- or parttime)

You want to work professional, focussing the activities of daily living, measurably effective? Not limited by department heads outside your subject area or by not informed OTs.

In our outpatient department you can release your energy. Every special field operates with up-to-date concepts, to evaluate, adapt and develop them further. We start regularly small research projects. At the moment we build a network in our city and make research to give clients with chronically illness or disability access to volunteering. We also invest engergy and love since many years to innovate group therapy for kids as well as for adults with performance limitation in social behavior, cognitive skills and activity.

Your job would be to enable and empower clients in the setting of individualised or group therapy, local or at their home. You ensure the quality of your work with documentation, evaluation and reports. For this you find facilitations like equipment, extra time, further training and supervision. Your team is multicultural, non- as well as academic and open minded. We have good coffee and always something to nibble. Every three month a new artist has an exhibition in our long corridor. On your birthday you get a hand-tied bouquet. We are known for our crazy ideas on company christmas party or summer party.

Darmstadt is near to the metropolis Frankfurt and known as a city of research, art, culture and Jugendstil, surrounded by green space .

Your questions will be answered by/ Deine Fragen beantwortet Ihnen gerne:**Helene Eisenhut, Praxisinhaberin, Tel.:+49 (0) 6151-5990733

You can send your application documents by e-mail/ Du kannst Bewerbungsunterlagen im PDF-Format auch per E-Mail senden.


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